Seniors & Medically Fragile Citizens - we offer transportation to vets & Groomers!

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In Home Pet Sitting

No More Feeling Guilty & Worried When You Travel

No More Feeling Guilty & Worried When You Travel

No More Feeling Guilty & Worried When You TravelNo More Feeling Guilty & Worried When You TravelNo More Feeling Guilty & Worried When You Travel


High Quality Pet Care

Veterinarian Recommended 15 Years of Experience 

Transportation to Veterinarians and groomers

Have to stay home due to the Corona Virus Emergency?

Senior Citizens and Medically fragile citizens, we want to help you AND your pets stay healthy.  We will pick up and transport your pet to your veterinarian for check ups, vaccinations, surgery or for dog grooming.  Our rates are reasonable and we will quote you a rate over the phone.  We want to help our Senior Citizens AND their pets stay happy and healthy during this emergency.  

Providing Peace of mind - veterinarian recommended!

"We Cannot Say Enough Good Things" ~ Karen Jordan D.V.M.

 "We have used Out of Town Pet Care for over 7 years and cannot say enough good things about the owner Linda Jessen. She is very kind, caring, and compassionate in how she handles our animals" - Karen Jordan D.V.M. Compassionate Care Veterinary Service Monroe & Loganville GA

Why use out of town pet care?

Security & Peace of Mind

Security & Peace of Mind

Security & Peace of Mind


We do not use part time or temporary "gig" sitters.  You will get the same trusted pet sitter, every time. We have security protocols to protect your home and privacy. We are Insured and Licensed.

We Do Not Overbook

Security & Peace of Mind

Security & Peace of Mind


Some pet sitting services try to jam as many appointments in as they can. Then it's a race against time and they don't take time with your pets. We aren't the cheapest but we are the best because we don't rush!

Here When You Need Us

Security & Peace of Mind

Here When You Need Us


 Other pet sitters have come and gone over the years.  We have stayed in business for 15 years because we provide dependable, loving care, rain, snow, holidays, weekends, night & day.  No Short Cuts.

Watch Some of our happy pet sitting clients playing

Do you feel guilty or worry that your pets are sad when you go away? We include enrichment games and exercise to keep your pets happy while you are gone!

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Fun Worry Free Travel for You AND Your Pets Starts With One Call 

About Our Service

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Pet Sitting in Your Home

15 Years in Walton County!

Pet Sitting in Your Home

Finding the right pet care solution while you travel is important.  Most pets do better at home, surrounded by  familiar scents, sounds and of course, their own comfy bed.  We understand how important it is to find the right pet care solution for pet owners who travel or work long hours.  We take away the stress and worry about your pets when you're away!

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What We Do

15 Years in Walton County!

Pet Sitting in Your Home

Walk dogs, provide potty breaks

Feeding and providing medications

Clean litter boxes

Take care of aquariums and exotics

Play time and tummy rubs included!

We also watch over your home while you are out of town. Providing pet care for your precious pets is NOT just a temporary "gig" job to us, it's our full time job!  Your Local, Dependable, Knowledgeable Pet Sitter.  

Linda Jessen owner and pet sitter in Loganville and Monroe with Australian Shepherd dog

15 Years in Walton County!

15 Years in Walton County!

15 Years in Walton County!

In those years we have provided pet sitting for them all! No pet is too small or too big.  We've cared for tiny hamsters to one of the tallest horses on record and every fluffy dog and cat in between. Fully Insured, Responsible, Locally Owned. 

We NEVER overbook, we provide quality care and give your pets the time, attention and love they deserve! Serving Loganville, Monroe, Walnut Grove, Between and nearby!

Put your mind at ease while you are away. Call Out of Town Pet Care because, they are not just pets, they are your best friends! 

worry free travel!

"Finding Linda...Has been such a blessing"

 "Finding Linda years ago has been such a blessing!  I never worry about my babies, knowing she's going to take care of them and love on them while we're out of town.  She's the best! " - Sabra Henry of Loganville Ga

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Give your pet a vacation!

It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about pet sitting and how we make your pet comfortable and safe at home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

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